how to decorate top of kitchen cabinets

 The kitchen is a commonly used home area. We prepare food in it many times a day. In addition to clean, it is also important to set and manage well.

If these two aspects are considered, the kitchen becomes a better place to work and even to establish relationships with the family while preparing food. When decorating the kitchen, we do not pile the counter with the goods. Instead, we put the ornaments on the wall and even in the closet.

One of the most difficult parts to decorate is the top of the cabinet.

There is a house that has this space on top of a closet that could be an additional storage or a great place to display some stuff. But how to decorate the area in the kitchen can make or break the appeal of your kitchen.
how to decorate top of kitchen cabinets

So we have some tips for you on how you can decorate the top of your kitchen cabinet.

1. Recognize the dimensions of space above the cupboard. Before you start decorating or even before bringing some items to put into it, be sure to measure it.Measure length and width of area above cabinet. This way, you will know whether your article is too big or too small. Do not let the screen is too small because it will dikerdilkan in outer space.

2. Avoid stacking it. There is no good idea to fill the space above the cabinet. If you do this, your kitchen will look like an exhibition area. And you will take the dust that is not good because the kitchen must be kept clean.In addition, the purpose of space that will give your space feels lighter will feel with certainty.

3. Place the space between the ornaments. Therefore, to avoid feeling crowded, you must place a space in each element. It will also look great if you spread it creatively.Mix and mix some elements at the top of the cabinet with the variable space between them and you will get a beautiful decoration.

4. Show the collection. It would be nice to see the things you love in the closet. If you have a collection of jars, sculptures, plates and others, use to decorate. This way, you will always see your favorite things every day.

5. Stick with your interior theme. As always, there must be coherence in space. That's why you have to put an ornament that suits your theme. For example, your space has a modern design, then go into a screen with modern shapes and shapes.If you own a beach theme house, get some items that represent it. In this way, everything in the house will look like that.

6. Choose colors wisely. So, if you do not have a collection and you do not really have a theme for the interior of your home, then choose a color. You can play with different colors if you want, but you can also choose a primary color and add a different tone. You can also continue accenting your home theme if you want. A burst of color will make your space look more attractive.

7. Create a focal point. Select a large item to display. Make that your focal point. Start by placing the big item a little outside the center. From there, add another decoration. This way, you will have an address of how to display at the top of your cabinet.

The focus point will attract attention. It must be big and brave because of the above.
decorate top of kitchen cabinets

8. Mix and feel the decor. Take this and that and place it on top of your closet. You will see that if you mix and match, you get beautiful results. Place items of different sizes, shapes and shapes.

Select also a different color. Be creative in its settings. Of course your kitchen cabinet will look very attractive.

9.Leave the blank.
If all else fails, leave it blank. End of story There are many homes that do not have a screen on top of their cabinets. And they look good like that too. So, if you can not find the perfect decoration, leave it that way.

10. Clean the set regularly.

Do not let dust build up in your closet. Make sure you clean it regularly. In this way, your decoration will be preserved and your kitchen will stay clean.

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